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Dive Into the New Age
of Plastic-Free Encapsulation

Our Services | The Path to a Sustainable Future


Given the nature of our product and the high throughput, we are able to produce and deliver solutions for a large variety of industries, including food & beverages, confectionaries, pharmaceutical, and nutraceuticals (supplements). 


Due to high-tech innovations, we were able to design, develop, and produce a benchtop prototype that is able to yield 288,000 capsules per hour with only four injection nozzles.  The upcoming Scaled-Capacity Unit Encapsulator will achieve a spectacular number of 1.5M encapsulations per hour. 


Our technology allows for a large variety of "core-shell" variations based on (1) the product to be encapsulated, and (2) the end user of the capsule. The versatility of the technique allows customers both at academia and private sectors to investigate, formulate, and test new sophisticated encapsulated cargoes for different use cases.

Tailor-made Solutions

Our team of expert researchers will work in close collaboration with your company to ensure alignment between 'customer needs' and 'delivered product'.With our long-standing experience on liquid-liquid encapsulation process, dedication, and daring attitude, we are committed to delivering cutting-edge results for our customers.

High-end solutions, for day-to-day 

Our SLE technology is a step closer to a sustainable future; by removing microplastic waste and reducing the energy cost of encapsulation.


With its flexibility to use a large number of cargo-shell combinations and its ultrafast and scalable nature, SLE technology is set to revolutionize the industry.

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