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novel encapsulation technology 
without the use of microplastics

Scalable Liquid

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Embrace a sustainable
CO2 emission reduction

plastic-free FUTURE

Worldwide, the current means of operation have a low/moderate throughput, limited core-shell flexibility, HIGH energy costs, and microplastic waste. 

SLE Enterprises is a response to unsustainable practices across various industries. Read more to understand our background and intended path toward the future


Our product is able to solve problems in various industries. Including nutraceutical, food & beverages, cosmetic(s), and pharmaceuticals. 


We can provide various and more flexible core-shell combinations to preserve quality and freshness. 


Our Entry capacity unit encapsulation technology renders 288k capsules per hour; while our Scaled-capacity unit is able to achieve up to 1.5M encapsulations per hour.

Special made

Based on the client's needs, we are able to adapt the shell thickness and sizing.

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Unprecedented Output
Impeccable Reliability

We are proud to introduce you to our novel Scalable Liquid Encapsulation (SLE) technology.


The technology used by us is a patented method of encapsulating food, beverages, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics with zero microplastic waste. 


It is an ultra-fast and scalable solution that enhances stability, preserves freshness, and extends the shelf life of encapsulated ingredients or products in a liquid form.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Throughput Increase


Energy Costs


Core-shell flexibility



per hour


Plastic Waste

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Our Partners

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The minds behind SLE

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Are You Ready to Scale
Your Business?

SLE is looking for partners, investors, collaborations, and market openings.

Let us know what suits your company best, and we will find a way to deliver.

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